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Adopt-a-Dog Month

Adopt-a-Dog Month The month of October is Adopt-A-Dog Month, a month dedicated to encouraging people into adopting and rescuing a dog at their local animal shelter. There are many great reasons why you should adopt, rather than buy, a dog at your local shelter. You can also visit your local animal shelter and learn more


4 Tips for National Resume Month

4 Tips for National Resume Month Looking for a job can be stressful. Trying to put together a resume that stands out might seem impossible. September is National Resume Month, and we include four tips that you can keep in mind when organizing your resume. The Benefits of an Online Resume An online resume offers


Getting Ready for Back to School

Getting Ready for Back to School Preparing to take the kids back to school in the fall is one of the most tiring and troublesome experiences a parent can go through. There are so many little things to accomplish, such as buying new outfits, textbooks, backpacks, general school supplies, and reorganizing schedules around work and