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Identifying Dangerous Gas Leaks

National Wellness Month is a time to focus on a lot of things. Maybe it's shedding a few inches off the waist, or maybe it's about trying to eat more veggies. But, National Wellness Month is a great time to look at home safety as well. Whether that means changing the batteries in the smoke detector or learning about gas safety, it's all time well spent.

Gas safety doesn't happen by accident. To keep homes safe from problems with natural gas or propane takes education and effort. This year, take a moment and brush up on gas safety with a few tips from local gas leak repair plumbers. This article will teach homeowners the signs gas leaks give off and how to safely respond to them.

Signs of Gas Leaks

gas leak signsGas leaks are dangerous situations where flammable and explosive gas leaks from piping or appliances. Gas leaks are the starting fuel for many home fires every year but they also pose hazards like suffocation. Some of the signs that gas leaks are present in a home are:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • High gas bills
  • Foul smells, like rotten eggs
  • Hissing noises

Natural gas is lighter than air and easily evaporates, given clear ventilation. On the other hand, propane is heavier than air, meaning it will settle in the lowest spot. This means that propane can displace oxygen and cause suffocation. Children and pets are particularly vulnerable to propane leaks for this reason. Coincidentally, these symptoms are similar to carbon monoxide poisoning, another common gas safety concern.

Responding to Gas Leaks

No gas leak is safe, so if signs of gas leaks are apparent, the answer is always to get out of the area. If there is time, open windows or leave the door propped open to ventilate the area. Don't turn the lights on or do anything that may produce a spark. Take a moment to locate the main gas valve for the home and turn gas service off if possible. In many cases, the fire department should be contacted to treat gas exposure and to evaluate the danger before anyone is allowed back inside the home.

Professional Gas Leak Repair

gas leak detectorOnce the immediate situation is safe after a gas line leak, contact a professional gas line leak repair plumber. While most plumbers are qualified to work on gas lines, not every plumber chooses to. For any plumbing repairs, always select a plumbing company that handles all plumbing repairs, including gas line repairs.

Professional gas leak detectors have special equipment and training to pinpoint gas leaks. Once located, the technician will fix the problem by replacing a section of the gas line or repairing a pipe joint. Never, under any circumstances, should homeowners attempt their own gas leak repairs. This can void warranties and insurance and greatly increase the risk of gas line accidents.

To protect homes from gas leaks, special gas leak detectors are available. Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors will NOT detect natural gas or propane unless specially designed to do so.

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