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What Is a Backed-Up Sewer Line? 

Backed-up sewer lines are caused any time there is a clog within a sewer pipe that causes the flow of sewage to be interrupted. These are some of the most common problems plaguing residential and commercial property owners. When backed-up sewer lines occur, the consequences can range from fairly benign to serious threats to health. 

Dealing with a clogged sewer line can be a huge hassle. Most clogs start by showing signs of slow draining that can make an owner dread the next step: a serious sewer line clog. Knowing how to deal with sewer line clogs at the first sign of trouble can prevent the worst consequences of backed-up sewer lines. Here is a quick guide to understanding and dealing with backed-up sewer lines. 

What Causes Sewer Line Backups? 

tree rootSewer pipes live in a hostile environment and are expected to deal with a large volume of waste from various sources. With all of the expectations placed on sewer lines, it's no wonder they have trouble occasionally. Even with good installation practices, things can happen to sewer lines that contribute to backups. Some of the conditions that interfere with a sewer line's job are: 

  • Invading tree roots
  • Corrosion
  • Shifting soils due to weather conditions
  • Settling soil
  • Minor pipe misalignment from installation 
  • Collapsed or crushed sewer pipe

All of these conditions prevent waste from quickly draining away. The resulting drop in velocity in sewage allows larger particles to clump together and make clogs much more likely. 

Treating Backups With Professional Sewer Line Repair 

 camera inspectionAlthough sewer lines are underground and subject to unseen forces, there is no debate that the best place for them is below grade. This means that plumbers need to have diverse skills and tools to perform sewer line repairs without having to dig up the sewer pipe at the first sign of trouble. Some of the options that plumbers use to treat sewer line problems are: 

  • Using drills to grind up and remove invading tree roots
  • Blasting off the buildup inside pipes with hydrojet drain cleaning
  • Inspecting sewer lines with sewer video inspection equipment
  • Relining damaged pipes with trenchless pipe lining techniques
  • Pinpointing problems and excavating lines precisely where repairs are needed

Using these techniques, plumbers can solve any sewer line problem. If clogs are constantly struggling, it may be time to let a plumber look for deeper problems. 

Preventing Sewer Clogs and the Need for Sewer Line Repair

Dealing with sewage backups and sewer line problems is a disgusting proposition. The best way to avoid sewer line repairs is to prevent the underlying causes altogether. This ensures that sewer lines do their jobs and owners don't have to pay for costly repairs. Some of the strategies for preventing sewer line clogs include: 

  • Removing vegetation near the path of sewer lines
  • Discarding food scraps and cooking grease in the garbage
  • Only flush toilet paper
  • Upgrade metal and clay sewer pipes
  • Remembering professional drain cleaning and pipe inspection

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