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Preventing the Common Causes of Burst Pipes 

Constantly worrying about something that could happen to ruin a home in the future can be too much to handle. To help ease the stress, homeowners should do everything they can to stop the circumstances contributing to these problems. 

A burst pipe is one of the problems that can occur in a home that is unpredictable and devastating. When pipes burst, they can quickly flood most of a home with hundreds of gallons of water or sewage. While burst pipes are unpredictable, homeowners can do certain things to prevent the likelihood of them occurring. Here are a few tips to help prevent burst pipes

Stopping Clogs Before They Start 

a clogged pipeOne of the more common types of burst pipes, and one of the most upsetting, is a burst sewer line. A burst drain or sewer line can quickly flood bathrooms and basements or dump tons of sewage on the lawn. As sewer lines age, they can fall victim to internal problems that can increase the likelihood of a burst pipe. Luckily, there is an easy way to prevent this problem. 

Routine drain cleaning from a qualified professional is the best way to keep drain and sewer lines in good shape. Allowing experts to gently and thoroughly clean sewer lines prevents clogs from forming that cause pressure in the pipe to rise so it bursts. Some of the signs that routine drain cleaning is needed are: 

  • Gurgling drains
  • Slow-moving drains
  • Slow-flushing toilets
  • Minor sewage backups
  • Foul odors from drain lines 

Protect Pipes From Freezing 

A frozen pipe is probably the most common cause of burst pipes that comes to an owner's mind. Unfortunately, in the local region, frozen pipes are a common occurrence that devastates homes every winter. The good news is that frozen pipes are easily prevented with a little professional assistance. 

Before winter every year, allow a plumber to inspect piping. Exposed piping should be adequately covered with pipe insulation. As the insulation degrades, professionals can put new pipe insulation in place to protect the exposed pipes. 

Prevent Decay and Pipe Corrosion 

corroded pipesDuring the normal operation of sewer and drain lines, the piping that makes up the drain system is subject to problems that can contribute to clogs as well as degrade the integrity of the piping. When normal decay and corrosion of plastic and metal piping occurs, it can compromise the pipes' integrity, making them more likely to burst. 

Luckily, preventing burst pipes from corrosion can be as easy as changing one simple habit: Stop using chemical drain cleaners. Chemical drain cleaners are corrosive chemicals that cause pipes to degrade much faster. Instead, opt for professional drain cleaning services to protect pipes. 

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