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Why Does the Toilet Keep Getting Clog?

A clogged toilet is one of those unpleasant plumbing issues that no one wants to experience. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most common issues homeowners face. Even worse, toilet clogs often happen at the most inopportune time, like right before leaving for work, in the middle of the night, or - heaven forbid - during a romantic Valentine's Day evening!

But there's good news: toilet clogs are preventable (and it's easier than it might seem). This article will outline a few of the most common causes of clogged toilets and the simple steps homeowners can take to avoid them - so they never have to worry about an overflowing toilet raining on their parade!

Be Mindful of What's Getting Flushed

flushedPerhaps the most common cause of toilet clogs is flushing things that aren't meant to be flushed. This includes paper towels, napkins, facial tissues, feminine hygiene products, diapers, baby wipes (even those marketed as "flushable"), and - for those with little ones running around - the occasional toy. These materials (not including the last example) may seem fine to flush, but they don't break down the way toilet paper does, which makes them more likely to get stuck and obstruct the drain pipe.

As a rule, the only thing that should ever be flushed (aside from human waste) is toilet paper. Once everyone in the house is aware of this, clogs will be far less likely to occur - but it's also a good idea to keep the toilet lid closed when not in use to prevent objects from falling in accidentally.

Avoid Flushing Too Much Toilet Paper

paperWhile toilet paper is the only truly flushable material, it can still cause clogs if too much is flushed at once. This is because it can wad up into a dense ball and become lodged in the pipe, preventing water from penetrating and breaking it down.

Of course, there's no one specific amount of toilet paper that causes clogs. This ultimately depends on the toilet paper type, the drain pipes' condition (do they contain a residue of muck and debris?), and the toilet itself (many older toilets tend to be more prone to clogging). But to reduce the risk of clogs, homeowners can make an effort to use less toilet paper in general or simply flush multiple times to spread out the volume of toilet paper being flushed at one time.

Keep Sewer Lines Clean

Another common cause of clogged toilets (and drain clogs in general) is sewer line clogs. This often occurs in combination with one of the abovementioned problems. If the home's sewer line is partially obstructed or coated with muck, unflushable materials or large wads of toilet paper can easily get stuck and clog the sewer line. This, in turn, clogs the toilets and all of the other drains in the home.

The best way to avoid this is to keep the sewer pipes as clean as possible. Adhering to the guidelines above will certainly help, but it's also a good idea to watch what goes down the home's other drains, not just the toilets. Hair, soap scum, grease, and food waste are a few of the most common culprits behind sewer line clogs (grease is particularly insidious), so it's best to avoid putting these down the drain when possible.

But no matter how vigilant homeowners are about what goes down their drains, some nasty buildup is inevitable. That's why scheduling periodic drain cleaning with a plumber is important. Having this done every 1-3 years is the general recommendation. However, sewer drain cleaning is vital, particularly by a professional, as this typically requires special equipment and permission from the city or local utility authority.

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