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Avoid These Plumbing Mishaps in 2023 

YouTube. Social media. Google. What do all of these services have in common? They claim to offer fast and easy DIY plumbing fixes. However, there’s a reason why plumbers go through years of training. There’s no such thing as an “easy” plumbing fix. What’s more, issues that may initially seem small could quickly turn into significant problems. 

2022 is over. To start the new year right, homeowners should avoid these plumbing mistakes: 

Using Liquid Drain Cleaners to Remove Clogs 

clogsThe New York Times emphasizes the importance of abstaining from over-the-counter drain cleaners. Here’s what homeowners need to know: 

  • Drain cleaners contain corrosive chemicals that can break down pipes over time. Even drain cleaners that claim to be safe on the label can’t be trusted. 
  • Drain cleaners threaten human health. Drain cleaners can cause respiratory ailments if inhaled, especially when mixed with other chemicals. Drain cleaners can also cause nasty burns if they contact with the skin. 
  • Some drain cleaners don’t remove clogs. Instead, they congeal around the obstruction and make the problem even worse. At that point, only a professional can address the problem. 

Plumbers don’t rely on drain cleaners when it comes to serious clogs. Instead, they rely on drain snakes and other tools to get the job done. They can also rely on their years of experience to quickly identify and address problems. 

Forgetting to Schedule a Water Heater Maintenance Visit 

maintenanceThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stresses the importance of yearly plumbing maintenance visits. A professional examining the plumbing system once a year offers an extra layer of protection against certain problems. When a plumber comes to examine the plumbing system, they can: 

  • Evaluate the water heater for any problems 
  • Remove any clogs or obstructions 
  • Clean the drain 
  • Address any mold or mildew 
  • Remove any corrosion 

A plumber can also explain what measures can prevent certain problems. For instance, they may advise getting a drain mesh screen. This small purchase can prevent food residue and debris from going down the drain and causing problems. They may also suggest replacing outdated appliances. 

Attempting Do-It-Yourself Repairs 

As noted, there’s no such thing as an easy plumbing fix. No matter how small, every issue could benefit from a professional’s opinion. By attempting DIY repairs, a homeowner risks: 

  • Causing further damage. Without proper training, a homeowner may not know how to operate certain tools or recognize certain hazards. They risk damaging their home’s foundation or causing serious complications. 
  • Spending more money than expected. When a plumber comes to a job site, they have all the tools necessary to render certain repairs. When homeowners attempt to fix a problem, they might have to spend hundreds of dollars on one tool. 
  • Wasting time. An experienced plumber can “get in and get out” when they have a task. A homeowner who watched a two-minute clip online could spend hours on an issue, only to learn they don’t have the right skill set. 

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